Mar. 21st, 2016

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I really was in the mood for something cute and cheerful and Zootopia fulfilled that need IMMENSELY.
Also, there are comparisons going around on Tumblr comparing Judy Hopps and Nick Wylde to Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen from RE0, which made me smile because, OTP, but after seeing the film, it was surprising to see they are actually quite similar and it's pretty cutely referential! It was a good time and watching a film that was so vibrant, heartwarming, and cheerful was really good. And Shakira's song was catchy too!
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On sadder news, my laptop seems to have taken its last, shuddering, long overdue breath. I've had it for... 7 years... And for the two the monitor has not been displaying on the screen itself and so I had to use an old CPU and plug it in. And now today it stopped displaying after starting g up unless I put it in safe mode. And it did actually have a blue screen of death earlier as well. So I'm typing this on mobile! This thing lasted me senior year of high school, all through college and even some after, so it's high past time I put it out to pasture.
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Also one of my favorite Sonic fanartists, lenmue, Drew this really cute Sonic/Zootopia crossover fanart, which I just thought was really cute. How many times can I use cute in a post?

Zootopia, Miles Tails Prower,  Cream the Rabbit

Shadow the Hedgehog is dressed as one of the polar bear enforcers from Zootopia,  with a miniature Eggman playing the role of Mr. Big.

Cream the Rabbit,  dressed as Judy Hopps,  follows Miles Tails Prower,  dressed as Nick Wylde,  through a crowd.  Tails has a flippant expression on his face as he trails behind Sonic the Hedgehog,  who is wearing glasses,  a sweater vest,  and headphones.


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